Samuel York

Baron of Fulford


Lord Samuel York, Baron of Fulford is an agent of the crown.

Early Life

Samuel is the educated, if not terribly academic, son of a physician. His family has been well off, but not noble.

Adult Career

In 1583, whilst visiting his father’s friend, Sir Francis Walsingham, he found himself pressed into service to act swiftly against Francis Throgmorton. Incensed that there could be those who would plot against the good of crown and country, Samuel entered Walsingham’s service.

For nearly twenty years he has been preventing plots against his Queen and is now one of the most trusted operatives of the Queen’s army of spies. Indeed, it is rumored that since the death of Walsingham(1590), the Baron of Fulford is the Queen’s spymaster-general.

Social Status

As reward for his actions in foiling the Throgmorton plot, Samuel was made Baron of Fulford and given lands outside York, not far from his family home.


Samuel is an extremely honourable man who aims to arrest for trial rather than despatch (although he will act swiftly if there is evidence and he is forced). He remains loyal to the crown and his friends even under duress and will not sacrifice his principles.

Not blessed with great strength, Samuel favours finesse of movement over brute force, and has learned to trust his pistols to avoid engagements he may not win.

Careful not to draw attention to his standing and purpose, Samuel wears the clothing of an honest, hard-working citizen, such as his father, rather than such grandiose garb as favoured by his fellow nobility.

Samuel York

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