The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Notwithstanding the peace and light of their elective monarchy etc.,

(see http://wapedia.mobi/en/Poland and

“the area around Sierpc is similar to that of the Black Forest and most
of the comments apply equally there.”

E.g. (one might infer):

The landscape is dotted by numerous castles and towers, each owned by a
petty noble or robber-knight, who holds whatever territory he can
defend. Some of these lords are noble, in the traditional sense of the
word; others are depraved through circumstance or moral choice.

The trails are plagued by bandits, who drift in and out of the shadowy
forest like ghosts. Along the trails are numerous inns, spread roughly
a day’s travel apart. As Kane discovered in Rattle of Bones, however,
the quiet inns are by no means guaranteed safe havens.

Travelers who do find a decent inn are cautioned only to stick to
well-worn trails and avoid travel at night if at all possible. Those
who must travel are advised to make haste.


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