Welcome to the world of Solomon Kane!

It is 1602, the last years of the seemingly never-ending reign of Good Queen Bess. It should be a good time to be an Englishman. The Spanish Armada lies defeated at the bottom of the English Channel and the English fleets are free to roam the globe in search of mercantile opportunities and adventure.

Undiscovered lands and mysterious kingdoms are there to be discovered. The steaming jungles of South America and Africa, the ancient civilizations of Far Cathay and the Hindoos.

But all is not well… Religious discord threatens a return to the burnings and quarrels of the past and the succession remains a matter of hot debate. “What would happen if Elizabeth died?” “Who will rule the country when she is gone?” Enemies of England gather their forces and who knows what evil lurks in the shadows. Political and primitive atavistic evils unite to seek the downfall of good and those kingdoms which promote freedom and democracy.

Who stands in their way?

Player Character
Danny Ben Finn
Nev George Branston
John Jonas De Winkler
Steve Kato
Giles Michael Ezekiel Tremayne
Ralph Nicholas Hat
Rik Samuel York


Date Description Adventure Log
11/12/02 Adventurers arrive in Thornton Curtis The Forgotten Victim
12/12/02 Investigate St Mary’s Abbey
13/12/02 Embark to Torkertown, Devon
28/12/02 Arrive at Torkertown, Devon Red Vengeance
31/12/02 Depart for London via Exeter
01/01/03 Arrive at Exeter Axe Murders in Exeter
03/01/02 Depart for London Pursuivants Ltd – Exeter, London, Gdansk
11/01/03 Arrive at London
18/01/03 Depart for Gdansk
06/02/03 Arrive at Gdansk
07/02/03 Depart for Sierpc
09/02/03 Arrive at the “White Hart Inn”

Meandering Kane

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